PC Training Today offers high quality, cutting edge technical seminars throughout the United States. Our trainers travel from the east coast to the west coast delivering hard-hitting seminars that are second to none.

By offering computer seminars to the business professionals in your community, your organization will not only generate lucrative funds, but will also provide your members a chance to place themselves in the business community and interact there on a professional level.

Why Training Fundraisers are a Success
Does Your Fraternity Have What It Takes?
How Your Fraternity Benefits

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What are the main benefits to your Organization and its members?

  • A short, professional fundraiser that allows your members to place themselves directly in the business community and enables them to market the course at their own convenience.

  • Top producers will be recognized not only for your campaign, but logged and compared to all producers in campaigns nationwide. Would something like "2001 Top Producer - PC Training Today" look good on your resume?

  • This fundraiser will give your members valuable experience in selling professional services to the business community. Members can develop their own marketing approaches, hone public speaking skills, all while they are helping raise money.

  • Fraternity members who register one or more attendees are invited to sit through the seminar at no charge. Open seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Some seminars will have advance sessions that are offered to attendees. Your fraternity will also be paid for these participants as well. It's like getting paid twice for one sale.

If your fraternity has tried everything from Christmas tree lots to car washes, with only marginal success, it's time to organize a fundraiser that will not only be a financial success, but will also provide valuable experience for all those who participate. Raise money by offering something to the business community that they are already looking for. Quality Computer Training!

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Why People Want Training

How the Seminar Participant Benefits

  • CONTINUING EDUCATION - Many Professionals are required to take a certain number of C.E.U's each year. Attorneys, CPA's, Realtors, etc... Computer topics are always a "First Choice".

  • STRENGTHENS COMPANY / EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP - Having the company send an employee to training gives them a feeling of worth because the company is investing in them. This will inevitably increase morale.

  • JOB ADVANCEMENT - Training helps employees advance within their company. More skills equates to more job opportunities.

  • RESUME ENHANCEMENT - Everyone is looking for something to give them an edge in the job market. In the 21st century, can anyone ever really have too many computer related items on their resume?

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How the Company Benefits (who the seminar attendee works for)

  • A MORE EFFICIENT EMPLOYEE - Increasing employee productivity is very real and even measure-able. For example, what if a new set of skills gains an employee an extra 1 hour per week? Multiply that times 52 weeks a year, and the company gets the equivalent of an extra 6 1/2 days per year. But also consider the other possibilities; performing tasks that before were either outsourced or just not performed. Training also equates to fewer mistakes and fewer missed deadlines.

  • EMPLOYEE LOYALTY - People like to feel a sense of accomplishment. They like to feel like they are moving forward in their career. When a company sends their people to training, they are subtly saying, "We believe in you" - "You've got potential". Lower turnover is inevitable.

    1. It is a one-time expense (unlike a raise).
    2. It is usually 100% tax deductible because it is an operating expense.
    3. There is a direct, ongoing return on the investment (unlike a bonus).

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What We Are Looking For

Does Your Group Measure Up?

When we schedule a seminar, a substantial investment is made in preparation for that date. Expenses like the facility rental, instructor scheduling, and course material printing are just a few of the reasons we want to make sure that each fraternity we choose as a Marketing Partner is serious about making a success of the seminar campaign. Although there is some flexibility in the way we select our Marketing Partners, here are the main characteristics we are looking for:


Selected groups who regularly provide service to their community.


A Consistent number of active members are needed (usually 25 or more).


Fraternities must be established in the community, with references available.


Groups who are highly motivated and committed.

Interested? Fill out a Marketing Partner application to take the next step!

(The amount of Fundraisers we are able to hold each semester is limited. PC Training Today will keep a working relationship with only one group from each university).

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